We recycle used fishing nets into sponges for washing dishes.


Due to its form, fats and microbes do not penetrate ECOSHEBKA. When not in use, it maintains continuous ventilation.


The ECOSHEBKA has an unlimited lifespan, because its meshes are very resistant. Being composed of an inorganic and very resistant material (nylon), the fibers do not perish.

As you can see in the video below

the Ecoshebka does its job wonderfully.

To try it is to adopt it!

Recycled and

ecological sponge!

I am a sponge for washing dishes mainly, but I can also be used to wash other things.

I haven't always been a sponge. In my old professional life, I was a fishing net. I was helping North African sailors catch fish. They often deployed me behind their boat, hoping the fishing would be good.

I loved this life very much, because I fulfilled the functions that were intended for me. However, over time I was becoming less and less efficient, I was wearing out, and sometimes I had holes... So the sailors preferred to replace me with new generation nets, which they say are more efficient.

Abandoned and retired, some left me hanging out on the edge of the docks, or even worse, at the bottom of the ocean. Fish were trapped in my mesh. It can be clearly said, I had become a waste that no one wanted.

But fortunately for me and for the planet, I have been found a new function. They pick me up when I'm neglected, they give me a little youthful boost when necessary, and hop I started again. But this time not to catch the fish, but to catch the dirt on your plates. And guess what? On me récupère lorsque je suis délaissé, on me redonne un petit coup de jeune lorsque nécessaire, et hop je suis reparti de plus belle. Mais cette fois non pas pour attraper les poissons, mais pour attraper les saletés sur vos assiettes. Et devinez quoi ? 

I'm doing this new job wonderfully. 

L’Éponge recyclée EcoShebka


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